An Idol - ひとりのアイドル - 一名偶像

Quote1: "I am Mayoi Ayase from ALKALOID."
Quote2: "I'm part of StarPro..."
ES Idol - ESのアイドル - ES的偶像

Quote1: "I must convey my feelings to the audience."
Quote2: "I can't proceed if I continue to shut myself away..."
Practicing - 練習風景 - 練習場景

Quote1: "Would it be alright if I offer you some advice...?"
Quote2: "Follow my example... ♪"

Live: Idol's Example - アイドルの手本 - 偶像的示範
Support: Unit's Advisor - ユニットのアドバイス - 團體的建議
Hidden Thief - 隠れ盗賊

Quote1: "If you could, please keep this a secret..."
Quote2: "I'll give you what you're seeking... ♪"

Center: Phantom's Territory - 怪人のテリトリー
Live: A Secret, Hidden Room - 秘密の隠し部屋
Support: The Room's Entrance Code - 部屋の入室キー
Difficult Challenge - 苦手チャレンジ

Quote1: "I can't disapprove of your desire to grow."
Quote2: "Please watch us for as long as you wish!"

Center: Disoriented Bird - 戸惑いの鳥
Live: Anticipatory Instruction - 先回りの指導
Support: Extra Practice Coach - 自主練コーチ
A Gathering of Novices - 初級親睦会

Quote1: ""
Quote2: ""

Center: Kubb Tournament - クッブ大会
Live: Additional Participant - 追加参加者
Support: Chief's Request - お頭の要望
Timid Phantom - 内気な怪人 - 内向的怪人

Quote1: "This way, hurry!"
Quote2: ""

Live: Grape-colored Suit - 葡萄色のスート - 葡萄色的花色
Support: Urgent Escape - 緊急回避 - 緊急閃避
StarPro's Unknown - スタプロの未知

Quote1: "A dazzling world stretches before my eyes."
Quote2: "This is how kindness can protect others."

Center: - 礼の狭間で揺れる星
Live: - 亡霊の観察記録
Support: - 祝福の差し入れ
Faint Motor Show - 幽かなモーターショウ

Quote1: "Aah, I'm so ashamed of myself!"
Quote2: "I'm protected by a barrier of love... ♪"

Center: Chief's Power - お頭の力
Live: - 支えてくれる愛
Support: Associationmates - 同好会の仲間
Ideal Diorama - 夢のジオラマ

Quote1: ""
Quote2: ""

Center: Desired Paradise - 欲望の楽園
Live: Chief's Request - お頭の依頼
Support: All-Nighter - 徹夜仕事
Coward's Dead End - 臆病者のデッドエンド

Quote1: "Here you go, please enjoy your meal... ♪"
Quote2: "Welcome to Dead End Land... ♪"

Center: Gloomy Mascot - 根暗なマスコット
Live: Silent Butler - 無口な執事
Support: Kitchen Assistance - キッチン補助


Stage of Shadows - 逆光的舞台

Quote1: ""
Quote2: ""