Name Dissection:
Full: 礼瀬 マヨイ
  • 礼 (あや) - gratitude, appreciation, manners, to bow, reward, gift, ceremony, ritual. Unusual reading.
  • 瀬 (せ) - shallows, rapids, current, position, place, chance, opportunity
  • マヨイ - may be derived from 迷い - to be lost, hesitation, doubt, indecisiveness, illusions, inability to reach enlightenment
    Related terms:
    • 迷い込む (まよいこむ) - to go astray, to lose one's way
    • 迷いの世界 (まよいのせかい) - the human realm, lit. world of the lost
Chinese (Traditional):
Full: 禮瀨 真宵
  • 禮 - gift, rite, ceremony, propriety, etiquette, courtesy
  • 瀨 - the rushing of water, rapids, swift current
  • 真 - genuine, true, real
  • 宵 - night

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