Chapter Information Summaries

A page meant to act as a list of information we learn about Mayoi from each chapter that he appears in.

Note: This page is very much experimental and will take a heavy amount of work from me.
This means that it will go through periods of no or few updates at all and will be behind. Please understand that.

March 9, 2020
4 - Encounter
  • Hiiro and Tatsumi pick up on Mayoi's presence in the ceiling crawlspace, though they don't know who it is. Tatsumi notes that they must be shy, since they're holding their breath and hiding from them.
20 - Emergence
  • The first time Mayoi meets the rest of ALKALOID face-to-face, to lead them out of the auditorium.
  • Mayoi expresses that he doesn't care what the rest of ALKALOID calls him; they could call him anything from "you over there" (そこのやつ), to "ground beetle" (ゴミ虫), to "filthy pig" (豚野郎), and he wouldn't mind.
22 - Starlight
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March 16, 2020
27 - Elevator
  • When Tatsumi detected Mayoi hiding in the ceiling, Mayoi figured it was because Tatsumi, as a priest, could detect evil creatures like himself.
  • Mayoi sees himself in the character of the Phantom of the Opera, who appears revolting and irritating to others.
  • While Mayoi believes that he should not be "saved" (that his soul is beyond hope), he feels that being with Tatsumi is calming and cleansing.
  • While staying in Starmony Dorm, Mayoi feared that his home would be breached, so he hid his belongings and set traps that would skewer intruders around it.
28 - Senior
  • Being around others makes Mayoi anxious, so he primarily makes his way around the building using vents and crawlspaces. This is something he's done since he was young. He did not address Tatsumi's question of whether he is agoraphobic.
  • Mayoi compares himself to the Hunchback of Notre Dame because both of them like heights.
  • Mayoi's home is beneath the ES Building, somewhere underground. He describes it as damp and dark, but feels that it suits him. Despite ES expanding underground to make stages, he considers his house hidden. He mentions that he lives there alone. He doesn't necessarily mind that stages have been constructed near his home, since he can watch them.
  • Because of the fuss Rinne and Hiiro created the day before, Mayoi had to give up some of his land underground to ES. It upsets him, but he tries to make light of it and says he was happy to be useful.
  • Mayoi says that he's dextrous and likes complex technology.
  • Mayoi states that he is not a vampire, referring to them as dreadful and pitiful, when Tatsumi asks if Mayoi has a sunlight sensitivity.
  • Because he has not been treated as human for a long time, Mayoi finds it difficult to consider himself one. Though he is not a vampire, he sees them as part of the same "group" of creatures he's part of: those who have no choice but to live alongside humans, but hide themselves in order to not cause humans discomfort.
  • Mayoi feels that Hiiro is similar to him.
29 - Quarrel
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30 - Relax
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31 - Exorcist
  • Mayoi is frightened by Ritsu's arrival. Ritsu is one of the Sakuma Clan of vampires, who Mayoi had been told horrifying stories about as a child. He doesn't understand how a Sakuma can be wandering around in the daylight like Ritsu is.
32 - Nightmare
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34 - Morning
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35 - Kitchen
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36 - Seafood
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37 - Butler
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38 - Debt
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39 - Alkaloid
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40 - Plan
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44 - Join
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