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Welcome to the Mayoi Content Directory!
This page serves as a place where Mayoi's appearances in the Enstars stories and world are documented, as well as a place containing information about Mayoi more personally.

Who is Mayoi?

Mayoi Ayase (礼瀬 マヨイ) is a character from the mobile game Ensemble Stars!!, and was introduced as part of one of two new units to be included in the second installment of the app. As a member of ALKALOID, a group of four idols based on card soldiers, his symbol is the clover. ALKALOID, made up of people deemed to be "underachievers" within Ensemble Square, the company they work under, has to prove to their superiors that they have what it takes to be idols... even if it's with people they've just met and have been forcibly grouped with.

Mayoi is a multifaceted character, sometimes endearing and sometimes contentious. Part of the aim of this site, in recording and tracking Mayoi's appearances in Ensemble Stars!!'s story and other parts of the game, is to provide onlookers with some knowledge into both what Mayoi is like and where to find more information about him if they want to go looking.