Office Character Interactions

Hiiro: 都会には面白いものがおおいな♪
Mayoi: 私はまだ外は怖いです…
Hiiro: There are many interesting things to be found in the city ♪
Mayoi: The outside world is still too frightening for me...
Aira: ここのダンス教えてくれる?
Mayoi: はっはい…! 喜んで!
Aira: Could you teach me this dance?
Mayoi: Y-Yes...! With pleasure!
Tatsumi: 一緒にドライブでもいかがです?
Mayoi: ひぃ、ちょっと遠慮します…
Tatsumi: How about going for a drive with me?
Mayoi: Eep, I'm afraid I'll have to decline...
Mayoi: ひっ、すみませんすみません!
Hokuto: む、怖がらせてしまったか…?
Mayoi: Eep, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Hokuto: Hm, did I frighten you...?
Subaru: やっほやっほ♪ 元気してる~?
Mayoi: 目映い存在感に目が眩みます
Subaru: Yo yo~♪ How're you doing?
Mayoi: You've such a dazzling presence that I feel like I am being blinded...
Makoto: たまに忍者修行してるよね?
Mayoi: はいぃっ! 不審ですみません!
Makoto: Are you still involved with the Ninja Association?
Mayoi: I-I aaaaam! I'm sorry for being so suspicious!
Mayoi: 良ければ、近道をお教えしますよ
Mao: おおっ、ほんとか 助かるよ!
Mayoi: If it would suit you, I could show you a shortcut.
Mao: Oh, really? That'd help me out!
Mayoi: 立場的にヒーローはちょっと苦手で
Chiaki: 何故だ? 君のことも助けるぞ!
Mayoi: Considering what I'm like, I don't mesh too well with heroes...
Chiaki: Why do you feel that way? A hero would save you as well!
Kanata: しのぶがおせわになってます
Mayoi: お礼を言われるほどのことは…!
Kanata: thank you for looking out for shinobu.
Mayoi: There is no need to thank me for such at all...!
Tetora: 忍くんのことがちょっと心配ッス
Mayoi: ひっ…! 不審ですみませんっ…!
Tetora: I'm kinda worried about Shinobu-kun.
Mayoi: Eep...! I'm sorry for being so suspicious...!
Midori: あの…アドバイスの手紙どうも
Mayoi: えぇっ…! 何で私だと…!?
Midori: Um... Thank you for that note of advice you gave me before.
Mayoi: H-Huh...!? How did you know it was me...!?
Shinobu: 今日も一緒に修行するでござるよ!
Mayoi: はいっ! 一生ついて行きますぅ
Shinobu: Let us partake in joint training once again!
Mayoi: Yes! I will follow you to the ends of the earth...!
Eichi: 天井裏の掃除をどうもありがとう
Mayoi: なっ、なんのことでしょう…?
Eichi: Thank you for keeping the ceiling crawlspace clean.
Mayoi: W-What could you be referring to...?
Wataru: 道化と怪人の夢の共演…☆
Mayoi: ひえぇっ。目立ちたくないですぅ!
Wataru: A starring duo to die for: the clown and the phantom... ☆
Mayoi: E-Eeeep... I don't want to be in the spotlight!
Mayoi: ふふふ。愛らしいですねぇ…♪
Tori: 何だか妙な視線を感じる…!
Mayoi: Fufufu. How adorable... ♪
Tori: I feel like there's someone looking at me weirdly...!
Yuzuru: このわたくしを欺くとは…
Mayoi: 気配がなくてすみません…!
Yuzuru: For you to have concealed yourself from even me...
Mayoi: I'm sorry for having no presence...!